Berry Hacks – How to Keep Berries Fresher for Longer

Berries Express is always striving to be one of the most reliable suppliers of fresh and frozen berries in Cape Town. We make sure that every fresh or frozen berries delivery that we do provides only the highest quality fruit. However, we believe that knowing how to prevent your berries from spoiling too soon is a vital skill set that everyone should have.

Have you ever come home with a fresh batch of berries from the grocery store or farmer’s market only to find them full of mold?

The bad news is that you are not alone. Because of their thin skin, berries are extremely susceptible to going bad in just a few short days and once there is one bad berry, the rest follow suit. This often means a whole batch of bad berries in only a few days.

However, the good news is that there are ways to prolong the freshness of your berries, no matter where they come from. In this article, we give you a few tips for getting the most out of your favourite berries, every time!

how to prevent berries from going bad

How to Prevent Berries from Going Bad

Pick the Best

The first step is to make sure you pick the best-looking berries available. Whether you are picking them yourself, picking up from your local market, or having them delivered to your door, separating the best berries from those that are already slightly or completely spoiled should be your priority. Do this before you put them into the fridge, otherwise you may open them tomorrow and realize that you have lost most of your berries to mold.

Remember, not all berries that are a little bit bruised need to be thrown away. As long as they are not moldy, slightly bruised berries are still edible. Give these berries a good rinse in cold water, chop the tops of, slice them in half and freeze them for later use. Use frozen berries to make compote, smoothies or even jam. Alternatively, add them to your morning oats to create a deliciously tangy and extra healthy breakfast.

Treat Your Berries

Although it may seem counterintuitive to wash your berries, giving them a bath in diluted vinegar water as soon as you bring them home will help to kill off any invisible mold causing spores that are living on the surface of the berries.

Put two tablespoons of vinegar into 3 cups of water and give the berries a quick dunk in the mixture – do not soak them in there. Then, rinse your berries with fresh water to get rid of any residual vinegar and gently dry them with paper towel or a clean drying cloth before storing.

Pack Lightly

When you pack too many berries into a container, the ones at the bottom are more susceptible to being squashed, which leads to them spoiling. Instead, pack them lightly in a flat container (not a deep one) with as much space in between them as possible.

To help with excess moisture, line your container with paper towels. Make sure that you cover the container with a loose-fitting lid to allow excess moisture to escape – condensation leads to mold. Alternatively, make sure you use a storage container that is specifically designed to store fresh produce.

Lastly, store your berries in the front or center of your fridge where they are protected from possible frostbite. This will also prolong their freshness.

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